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Chemical Free. It contains Vitamin E and other nutrients that are beneficial to your skin. All organic ingredients and pure essential oils. Vegan. Handmade. 


1 Castile soap, carrier oil, essential oils, honey

2 castile soap, carrier oil, essential oils, witch hazel

3 castile soap, carrier oil, essential oils, turmeric 

Shake well before each use. 

Organic honey contains anti oxidants, anti bacterial, probiotics and kills bacteria. Honey is great for dry and damaged skin

Turmeric is a anti bacterial agent that helps provide Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells. Turermic works great if you have acne. 

Removes Dead Skin

Fights Aging Skin

Eliminates excessive oil secretion by sealing in moisture

Lightens scars and other dark spots

Reduces skin irritation

Relieves inflammation

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